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About me and my macarons

My name is Lana, I'm a home baker, specializing in French Macarons. I am originally from Latvia, and I have lived in beautiful St. Petersburg, Fl for 3 years.

I've always loved this exquisite and delicious dessert, but I've always thought it would be too complicated to make it. Turned out - I was right ;)

I started in January 2021 and it took me more than two months to get them right! It was trial and error, mostly error, but once I baked a successful macaron - I couldn't stop.

Because I want to bake you the best macarons, I always use high quality ingredients. I use only Premium quality Belgian chocolate for my ganache (most of my fillings are white or milk chocolate based). It makes all the difference! I never use artificial flavorings or preservatives. The flavors of my macarons come from real fruits and berries, homemade confits, curds, or herbs. 

Last, but not least, macarons are meant to be cute and aesthetically beautiful as well as delicious, and that's what my customer gets.

I'm determined to bake you the best macaron you have ever tried!

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